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Turbocharge your data science

Access a wealth of data science capabilities using the integrated Mall Cloud Cloud-based data warehousing environments to quickly identify suitable algorithms and hyperparameters. Simplify management, monitoring, and updating of your analytics models.



Mall Cloud's data warehouse-as-a-service offering is designed for both business and IT. We build complete end-to-end SaaS solutions that addresses all the analytic needs desired. We offer increasing value as we build, deploy and support required business content and out-of-the-box advanced analytics.

We deliver

analytical and persona-driven modern data warehouse as a service tailored to your business

We enable you

to have instant and consist access to your data via pre-built adapters to integrate data from various sources.

We create

graph based semantic business layers to translate data language to natural language phrases makes data analytics easier for users

We manage

scale, elasticity, and flexible architectures making it suitable for any company of any size and growing at any speed

Turn your data into valuable results instantly




We provide cloud-based, data warehouse architectures and manage the warehouse as a service for ongoing performance and uptime.

Our cloud-based, data warehouse architectures unite all your data sources in one solution, maintaining the security, trust, and semantic richness of your information.


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